Research Papers

The international peer-reviewed scientific journal, Environmental Chemistry Letters, has recently published a potentially far-reaching article by Dr. Christopher Williams, founder of Radiocarb Genetics. In this paper, available freely online (see link below), Dr. Williams explains the surprising interconnections between radiocarbon, genetics and health, and global warming.

Recycling greenhouse gas fossil fuel emissions into low radiocarbon food products to reduce human genetic damage
(Environ Chem Lett. DOI 10.1007/s10311-007-0100-7)

When you open this link, which connects you to the SpringerLink Journal Article web site, there is a section in the right-hand column marked "Text" where you can select either the PDF version of the paper by clicking on "Entire document", or the HTML version by clicking "Open Full Text".

If for any reason you have difficulty obtaining this article from the Environmental Chemistry Letters web site, an HTML version of the paper is available here, or you can send an email to us at and we will email you a PDF version of the article.