Low-Radiocarbon Nutritional Products

Radiocarb Genetics, Inc. is working to provide relatively inexpensive low-radiocarbon protein foods based on 'single cell protein' from algae and other edible microorganisms. Our first mass-market products will be unique low-radiocarbon food bars and protein drinks.

But for right now, Radiocarb Genetics has samples of the world's only low-radiocarbon food products, which happen to be made from specially grown soybeans. Our unique patented process lets us make foods which contain the traditional vitamins and minerals essential for good health combined with our unique low-radiocarbon protein, amino acids, and nucleotides for genetic protection from radioactive damage.



Brainguard Nutritional Products and Dietary Supplements

BrainGuard® Nutritional Products and Dietary Supplements
A product line targeting consumers interested primarily in the brain development of their children. BrainGuard® nutritional products are particularly targeted to the prenatal and neonatal periods when most brain cell development occurs. In addition to having the low-radiocarbon protein and nucleotides necessary to protect the child's brain cell DNA from incorporating radioactive carbon-14, Brainguard® products contain DHA and ARA which are important in brain and eye development.



Low-Radiocarb Nutritional Products and Dietary Supplements

Low-Radiocarb Nutritional Products and Dietary Supplements
A product line primarily for manufacturers and private label resellers, emphasizing our low-radiocarbon nutritional products and dietary supplements which are suitable for incorporation into a wide range of nutritional products. All Low-Radiocarb products include one of our our patented formulations, which combine low-radiocarbon protein or nucleotides with normal natural background vitamins and/or fatty acids essential to your child's healthy growth.




We currently have very limited amounts of the following low-radiocarbon nutritional products available for sale. These products are all made from the world’s first low radiocarbon crop produced in Ohio in 2008. Samples from this first batch are about 63% to 66% lower in radiocarbon than normal food, and are high in amino acids and nucleotides, the primary building blocks of human genetic material.

Low-Radiocarb Soy-based Dietary Supplement

BrainGuard® Soy-based Dietary Supplement

To purchase samples of any of these products, please contact Sales at: sales2020 @ radiocarb.com